Our payroll system is like the two  Big Boys of the industry, except for the price and the personal service. Spend more time building your business & let us process your payroll quickly & efficiently 

Direct Deposit or Checks

 We can print your checks, pick them up from our office or we can mail them to you Or  Direct Deposit into your employees bank account 

We do all of the work

 We file W2's, 940, 941's, NYS 45's for your company, no more signing every three months. Our system also makes direct payments to NYS and IRS on monthly or quarterly payment. Submit your employee hours via different ways, via email, text or phone call. 

Don't want to Deal with Employees asking for payroll paperwork

 Our sysytem also has the option that allows your employees with a email access their own account onto our system to print from their own printer the pay stubs or W2's anytime 

Employee Hours tracking

 We offer a system that can track your employee out n the field through a app that times date stamp and give location when they sign in. We also have systems that logs in your employee at a location usings pods or eve fingerprint login that correctly logs in employees  hours directly into our payroll system. It automatically calculates employee hours, including overtime onto the payroll. 

Additional Options


We can also pay child support  direct payments to NYS and take out the hassle from the employer. 

We can also take care of tracking employees paid time leave off from employees time.  Supervisors can also track employees hours and schedule with an app, employees can also take time off from the app .  Totalscgedule control in a  app for a very low price.